We focus on creating an institutional quality portfolio that is customized to your individual needs

Why Titus Road Management?



Portfolios built to weather multiple market environments


Low Fees

High fees are like swimming upstream; it takes a lot longer to reach your goals


Active Where It Counts

Passive strategies for highly efficient markets, active strategies for unique opportunities


Holistic View

Goals, risk preference, income and additional factors should be considere when creating a strategy


Scientific Investment Process

Academic research combined with practical experience


Technology is Better with a Human

Every client has a personal consultant assigned to them

Investment Decisions That Matter:Active Where It Counts

Asset Allocation is Responsible for over 90% of Portfolio Return Variation1

Your Portfolio: Passive and Active
  • Active investment decisions made by experienced global investment committee
  • Core portfolio uses low cost passive ETFs and Funds
  • Active strategies for unique opportunities
Core Low Fee Passive ETFs
  • Low Fee Active Management
  • Low Fee Passive

1. Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update, May/June 1991, Financial Analyst Journal, Brinson, Singer, Beebower

So you don’t believe in MPT? – Physics in Theory and Engineering in Practice

Titus Road Management believes MPT is the starting place, as all good theories are. However, MPT assumes a perfectly efficient world. The world is not efficient and that allows for investment opportunities.

1) Markowitz, H.M. (March 1952). "Portfolio Selection". The Journal of Finance 7 (1): 77–91.

2) Laurence B. Siegel, "Read your Sharpe and Markowitz". Sept/Oct 2014 CFA Institute Magazine

Fees Should Be Low

Titus Road Management Fee Example:
ETF and Fund expense: 0.25%1
Titus Road Management Fee: 0.73%2
Total Expense: 0.98%
Typical Investment Advisor Example:
Average Mutual Fund Expense: 0.69%3
Sample Investment Advisor Fee: 1.5%
Total Expense: 2.19%