Foundations, Endowments and Other Institutions

Customized Solution to MeetYour Institutions Needs

Investment Strategy designed to meet your institution’s long-term return and risk objective

Titus Road Management considers short-term market dislocations and tactically allocates across asset classes and factors

Investment Strategy accesses low fee passive beta and concentrated active alpha depending on market environment.

Titus Road Management can work with a variety of custodians or you can use one of our vetted partners

Investment Decisions That Matter:Active Where It Counts

Asset Allocation is Responsible for over 90% of Portfolio Return Variation1

Your Portfolio: Passive and Active
  • Active investment decisions made by experienced global investment committee
  • Core portfolio uses low cost passive ETFs and Funds
  • Active strategies for unique opportunities
Core Low Fee Passive ETFs
  • Low Fee Active Management
  • Low Fee Passive

1. Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update, May/June 1991, Financial Analyst Journal, Brinson, Singer, Beebower

Fees Make a Difference and We Keep Them Low

Hypothetical Fees for a $25,000,000 Institution
Titus Road Management Fee 0.15%
Acquired Liquid Investment Expense1 0.20%
Acquired Private Investment Expense1 0.19%
Total Annual Expense 0.54%

1. Annual fee includes estimated acquired fund and strategy expenses. Actual experienced fee may be different. Private Equity is assumed to be a 2.5% fee. Unless otherwise noted. Assumes 7.5% to is allocated to Private Equity

Sophisticated InstitutionalInvestment Process

Titus Road Management deploys proprietary Strategic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation and Strategy Selection & Implementation

Customized Actively Managed Solution

Ongoing Monitoring and Assessment

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Long-term Capital Market Expectations

  • Long-term Risk Model

  • SAA Optimization

  • Tactical Asset Location
  • Short-term return models

  • Short-term Risk Model

  • Investment Committee

  • Strategy Selection & Implementation
  • Screen thousands of strategies, funds and etfs

  • Low Cost & Liquid Passive Core Implementation

  • Specific Opportunity & Competitive Satellite Active Implementation

  • Institution’s Objectives
  • Long-term return goals

  • Risk Tolerance & Limits

  • Unique Constraints

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