A Custom Strategy Optimized to your Needs

Investment Process

Titus Road Management Optimization


A Personalized Glide Path to your Goals

Glide Path 101:

  • What is a glide path?
    • A glide path is portfolio allocation that changes over time to reach your Goal
  • Why does your portfolio allocation change over time?
    • If you are far away from your Goal then you can hold riskier assets and seek a higher return
    • If you are close to your goal then you want to invest in low risk assets to protect your savings.
  • What glide path is right for me?
    • Depending on your goal, risk tolerance and other factors we create a custom glide path for each of your Goals

Peter Venkman’s Retirement Savings Glide Path

  • Retirement Savings Value
  • Portfolio Allocation to Equities (aka the Glide path)